Layout is the solution that can make your idea and your Enterprise great.

Layout is a partner, able to turn your ideas into unique solutions and help you realize and nurture to your business project. Layout is a new approach, a new professional figure who accompanies you in the concept study and design phase and assists you in creating the most correct and consistent visual identity. Layout is the ideal contact person for tailoring the most functional furniture with the greatest appeal for the identified concept.

Learn about all the stages of the project

Let’s start with you, your idea. From what is your dream. This is precisely where our analysis phase for the creation of a new concept store capable of standing out in the market starts. And we let our 30 years of experience guide us in building a winning format.

01.01 – Market Analysis
We assess economic trends in the relevant industry and trends in technology, style, and design.

01.02 – Territory analysis
We check for any other competitors in the geographical area targeted by the new store.

01.03 – Concept store definition
We deduce a soul for the new store by defining its target audience, style, identity and tone of voice.

Layout is your most trusted advisor. In the light of his experience, he helps you analyze the market, the territory, and define a realistic financial plan; he accompanies you in the search for the most suitable financing; and he takes care of staff training and the transfer of his know-how.

02.01 – Feasibility plan analysis
In light of our past experience, we estimate minimum budgets and timelines needed.

02.02 – Timing definition and checklist
We precisely schedule the various steps to make the workflow orderly and monitorable.

02.03 – Passage of know-how
We deal with the preparation of personnel in the optimal management of technological systems.

02.04 – Tax and financial consulting

Comprehensive, creative and safe service
Layout is your most trusted advisor. Our projects enable rationalization of expenditures, total integration of design, furniture and technology, and give rise to stores that can withstand the cyclical nature of market fashions and trends. The ability to interpret the available spaces according to the target audience allows us to propose unique solutions.

03.01 – Budget Analysis
Careful evaluation of available resources enables us to optimize project resources.

03.02 – Location study
Project and on-site verification of the identified space helps us deduce its limitations and possibilities.

03.03 – Materials research
We identify the materials most consistent with the concept, type of venue, target audience, and territory.

03.04 – Point of sale design
We draw on the floor plan the customized development of the detailed design of the store.

03.05 – Furniture design
Individual furnishings are designed with the needs of the store and its future customers in mind.

03.06 – Technology design
Refrigerated showcases, cafeterias, parfaits: we realize technological excellence for all kinds of venues.

We give a strong identity to your business
Layout is your most trusted advisor. We believe it is necessary for the tone of voice of the venue to be coordinated and studied ad hoc to strike the target audience. This is precisely why we rely on communication professionals capable of designing and implementing the brand, corporate identity, and managing the first steps of advertising communication of the new store.
04.01 – One-to-one marketing service
We coordinate the communication of each store by evaluating its characterizing aspects and pluses.
04.02 – Defining corporate identity
We design the most consistent brand and corporate identity for the venue considering target audience, style, and territory.
04.03 – Opening campaign design
We create and plan the ideal advertising campaign for the launch of the new store.

Your point of sale becomes a reality
Layout is your most trusted advisor. Our all-inclusive service also facilitates the last stage of the process: installation. Layout manages the production of both the furniture and the technological structures (counters, tables, chairs, refrigerated display cases, hot and cold tables, etc.) needed to make your new store functional and immediately functional.

05.01 – Production of furniture
We coordinate the communication of each store by evaluating its characterizing aspects and pluses.

05.02 -Production Technical Systems
We design the most consistent brand and corporate identity for the venue considering target audience, style, and territory.

05.03 – Activation and assembly of the store
Finally, we take care of the on-site transportation and installation of the furniture and technology.

Ital Proget is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized after-sales service to its customers.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the company, which provides timely and accurate service wherever customers are located around the world, ensuring that products continue to meet their needs over time.

The company prides itself on offering comprehensive and attentive after-sales support, reflecting its commitment to providing high-quality products and solutions, always putting the customer at the center of its production process.