Hydronic System

HYDRONIC SYSTEM is Ital Proget’s revolutionary condensing technology, an innovative high-efficiency solution to the problem of heat produced by condensers in plug-in refrigeration systems in display cases, counters and refrigerated modules in commercial premises.


HYDRONIC SYSTEM is a condensing machine that uses free cooling technology to remove heat produced in the condensers of refrigerated counters in retail environments.
It is the ultimate solution to remote refrigeration systems and energy-intensive cooling systems, such as chillers, or high leakage of mains or well water.
The HYDRONIC SYSTEM cooling system employs glycol water in a closed loop that circulates in the condensers of the refrigeration units, removing the heat produced by them through a ventilated exchanger, remote from the business, taking advantage of heat exchange with the ambient air.

Both the external ventilated coil and the exchangers of the condensing units on board the refrigerated counters are specially designed to realize heat exchange with a ΔT of only 1.5°C. In this way, it is possible to condense with ambient temperatures up to 43°C, guaranteeing maximum machine efficiency, without the aid of heat pumps or energy-consuming cooling systems (for higher temperatures, however, machine operation is guaranteed with gradual decrease in efficiency as ambient conditions worsen).

Eco friendly

– Stainless steel frame with sheet metal closing panels.
– Free cooling: heat dissipation through a ventilated exchanger remote from the business premises using water in a closed cycle, lowering water consumption.
– State-of-the-art intelligent ventilation system with electronic speed control, which provides high flexibility of fan air flow rate according to the heat load to be disposed of.
– Low noise, even at low rotational speeds (40 dB at 75% functionality).
– User control panel to be installed in the service rooms of the business.
– Integrated control system with software designed by Ital Proget to combine high operating efficiency with reduced energy consumption.
– Minimal maintenance costs

Technical specifications.

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Technical specifications.