Client: Umbrò
Perugia, Italy

Umbrò: open accent for all.
It is a bar, restaurant, market, events and bookstore. A new cultural and food and wine space born in the heart of Perugia. Every detail is carefully studied, trying to value the territory, craftsmanship and true Umbrian identity.

Open from early in the morning until late in the evening, it is designed for all needs. A unique and historic environment in the city, with brick arches and vaults, mixed with a new concept.

The bar is the first gluttonous snapshot that appears as you cross the main threshold, and the service counter, made with a classic design reimagined in a modern key, immediately jumps out at you. It has a sinuous, white lacquered front, enhanced by a band and wainscoting made with tiles from Domiziani, a leading Umbrian company in the production of high-quality ceramics.

As you go up the stairs, you are immediately “kidnapped” by the food court: cold cuts, cheeses, first courses and every delicacy.
The counter, with wainscoting also by Domiziani, retains a white look to give the product a chance to stand out. At the far end of the room is the grill area where you can watch the cooks shoulder and cook up close, thanks in part to a food shelf built into the counter and special furniture stools. Note the distinctive upside-down truss canopy over 4 meters long with glass shelf.

Other rooms make up this venue: the more private restaurant area, a beautiful outdoor terrace, the conference room with its diffuse library, and a market with its wine shop. Every corner was exploited with custom-made furniture and specific finishes according to the needs of the client.


MAGIC – 45° Corner Gastronomy
MAGIC – Cold Table
SMOOTH – Cold table with hot top and refrigerated reserve TN
SMILE – Cold table on wheels
Back Counter Cocktail Module